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And  now  moving  to  the  1900s,  the
 wedding  invitations  changed  its  com-
 plete  scenario  by  the  invention  of
 Photo  thermography.  In  the  photo
 thermography  heat  is  used  to  create
 raised  lettering. This  process  provided
 everyone with a fantastic way to dupli-
 cate the mesmerising effects of metal
 engraving.  This  provided  a  beautiful
 way of providing the valuable content
 of the Invitation.

 Adding  to  the  early  1950s  the  comic
 style also known as the retro style was
 introduced  for  the  invites  which
 attracted  the  audience.    It  was
 influenced  more  from  the  movie
          The  20th  Century  marked  the  era  of
 During  the  19th  century,  the  growth   colourful invitations. The fonts became
 was   tremendous with new ideas and    more  fashioned  and  the  colours
 introducing  the  photo  thermography   became brighter. Initially the designs and
 was also a great help to the invitations.   contents  were  decided  by  the  family
 Adding,  most  wedding  invitations   that hosted but now it was the printing
 IMAGE COURTESY :ETSY  some  were  still  hand-crafted.  Invita-  IMAGE COURTESY :NEEDWEDDING  press  that  became  a  great  player  in
 began  to  be  printed  this  way,  though

          decision making.
 tions  were  mailed  two  weeks  before
 the wedding, in double envelopes.

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