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Where the Style of printing used was the Calligra-
         phy the method used  was the letterpress printing
         concept.  Letterpress printing is a type of printing
         done by ink type, or an engraving, and pressing that
         form paper which is done  by using a letterpress.
         There would always be a layer of tissue paper in
         with the letter pressed invite as the ink would not
         always dry quickly and may run/smudge. The  invite
         and tissue paper layer would then be placed inside
         a  pristine  envelope  and  after  that,  they  will  be
         placed inside another larger one.

         In the late 1800s the invention of Lithography was
         always being made.  This involved using chemicals
         to make images,  producing a very crisp and have
         faster  results.  The  invitations  were  typically
         delivered  by  hand  or  on  horseback  due  to  the
         unreliability of the postal service during those days,
         so  a  double  envelope  was  used  to  protect  the
         contents.  Lithography is also known as the offset
         printing is said to be an inked impression which is
         made from a plate to a rubber-stamp like surface,
         which is then transferred to the paper.  This process
         facilitated  mass  production  and  as  a  result,  more                                    IMAGE COURTESY :OHSOBEAUTIFULPAPER
         ‘common’  people  got  the  opportunity  to  print
         wedding invitations.

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