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Now  when  we  talk  about  modern
                                                             times, a lot of changes have taken
                                                             place in terms of creativity, variet-
                                                             ies and designs. New styles like the
                                                             laser  cuts  and  pastel  designs  are
                                                             some of the most preferred designs
                                                             of the current trend. More often the
                                                             Invites are designed in such a colour
                                                             that it matches the general colour
                                                             theme of the wedding.

                                                             The  current  scenario  has  seen  a
                                                             surge   in   the   popularity   of
                                                             customised   invites   and   more
                                                             recently   the   electronic/digital
                                                             invites. The continuous upgrades in
                                                             the  technology  is  are  bringing  in
   IMAGE COURTESY :PINTEREST                                 invitations.  The  wedding  invitation
                                                             more  up  gradation  in  the  wedding

                                                             designs keep changing in pace with
                                                             the time.

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