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           It all started in the Year 1400s where the
           invitations were communicated orally by
           getting into the roofs of the host’s houses
           and  communicating  till  the  ear  spot
           reached.  In the middle ages, the process
           of an invitation was done as a town crier
           who would simply announce the wedding
           in the square and whoever was in earshot
           was  essentially  invited  to  the  celebra-

           The  era  beginning  with  the  1600s  saw
           remarkable growth in the announcement
           of weddings using paper.  The invention of
           the Metal plate, engraving in 1642 opened
           up  the  world  of  specific  wedding
           invitations.    The  texts  were  reverse                                                 IMAGE COURTESY : LESLIEANDPAPER
           engraved  onto  a  metal  plate,  and
           stamped on the paper to get the printed

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