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Western  wedding  templates  may  be  identical  with  normal  wedding  templates  in  multiple
         ways  but  there  are  certain  differences  –  the  first  and  foremost  being  the  choice  of
 The second step is majorly followed in the northern part of weddings, having Haldi ceremony, Mehindi ceremonies,
         words.Their style of wedding  invitations differs from one to  another. Their styles may include
 and musical nights and lastly arriving at the wedding ceremonies followed with the reception.When there are various
         the vintage templates, watercolour wedding invitation templates, classic wedding invitation
 functions included in the wedding, the designs of their wedding invitations also play a greater impact. The colors on
         templates and the laser cut wedding invitations which are found to be the western styles of
 the invitation used are louder and royal ones.
         the wedding invitations.
 The  southern  style  of  wedding  here  includes  the  rituals  and  customs,  each  symbolic  of  beautiful  and  noble
 sentiments. Here their wedding day is said to be straight. The wedding norms are conducted early mornings at 4 am
 with a particular dress code. Where the northern weddings menus serve with the plates the southern part severs the
 menu in the banana leaves.
 Lord Ganesh is mandatory when you come with the southern style of invitations. The invitations are with minimal
 content but have the classic style.


 While the Indians play with loud colors, the westerns favour the pastels and the whites, as they sound to be classic
 and elegant in their Own way. A true western wedding is the stuff of fairy tales, steeped in tradition, with a blend of
 romance and country charm.
 Country weddings are all about celebrating the beautiful union of two souls surrounded by loved ones, dancing
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 under the stars, and eating good food.
 Here, choosing the designs of the invitation for a western or country wedding depends on several factors, like
 formality, desired motifs, and color choice.

 For more formal weddings, ivory, cream, or neutral color invitations with white or cream overlays including western
 motifs can be beautiful and elegant ways to invite the guests.
 For more casual western weddings, bright colors, and denim or burlap looks work well.

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