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Now  when  we  talk  about  modern
 times, a lot of changes have taken
 place in terms of creativity, variet-
 ies and designs. New styles like the
 laser  cuts  and  pastel  designs  are
 some of the most preferred designs
 of the current trend. More often the
 Invites are designed in such a colour
 that it matches the general colour
 theme of the wedding.        (B) DESIGNS & WEDDING CULTURE

 The  current  scenario  has  seen  a   Every  wedding  has  its  Own  way  of  communicating  their  views  on  their  traditions  &  beliefs. The  universality  of
 surge   in   the   popularity   of  marriage within different societies and cultures is attributed to the many basic social and personal functions and
 customised   invites   and   more   when we come to the wedding invitations these can be done or classified more on the ways or the style of the host’s
 recently   the   electronic/digital   standard. It shall vary from one to another.
 invites. The continuous upgrades in   There are many ways that couples from different cultural backgrounds can choose to celebrate their union. The two
 the  technology  is  are  bringing  in   broadly classified cultures in the wedding industry are the INDIAN and the WESTERN weddings.
 more  up  gradation  in  the  wedding
 invitations.  The  wedding  invitation   INDIAN WEDDING CULTURE
     COURTESY : ANANTMAYA DESIGN  invitations. Now on a detailed discussion on the Indian cultured weddings the bride and the groom side has many
 designs keep changing in pace with   The Indian weddings carry many rituals which are further classified into the northern and the southern part of the
 the time.  wedding culture. The northern part of the weddings in India involves loud and vibrant thematic weddings and their

         rituals  to  be  followed  before  arriving  at  the  Big  Day.  This  again  starts  from  the  ring  ceremony  which  is  the
         confirmation of the couple's fixing up for the Big Day.

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