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                      Choose from a range of invitations-both standard and customised-return gifts,
                      and other wedding stationery.

 Anantmaya is built around weddings and every beautiful memory that comes   Our invites will take your breath away.  As will the intricate patterns on our boxes.
 along. As a business, we create and design wedding memorabilia. Beyond that   We're  also  equipped  with  eco-friendly  invitations  in  case  you're  interested  in
 simple fact, we're a collection of ideas. Bright, fierce, and cutting-edge. As a brand,   going green. RSVP cards, menu cards, welcome cards, luggage tags, functional
 Anantmaya helps build tangible connections rooted in the traditions of belonging   gifts, religious gifts, fancy &  personalised gifts, edible gifts, and marble boxes, jute
 and togetherness.  We've coupled that philosophy with a unique take on innova-  bags, silk bags, potli bags, fancy bags, clutches and different types of hampers,
 tion  and  aesthetics,  bringing  clients  an  exciting  array  of  exclusive  premium   trays, and baskets are just some of the products we have on display.
 invites, stationery & gifts.
                      Soulful, delicate, and brilliant in equal measure, our products are the result of pure
 At Anantmaya, we help design your wedding that would create a benchmark for   craftsmanship.  Because there's nothing quite like a wedding.
 others  to  follow.    We  also  help  to  retrace  the  very  concept  and  essence  of   In addition, our design studio helps bring your ideas to life. Our team is always on
 marriage.            hand  to  execute  whatever  personal  touch  you'd  like  to  add  to  your  wedding
 We  specialise  in  beautiful  designs  of  unrivalled  quality,  while  promising  quick
 delivery turnarounds and honest, transparent operations.  Whatever  your  requirement,  we're  sure  to  deliver.    Prompt,  heartfelt,  and
                      thoughtful, we promise you the best kind of service
 Our operations are done exclusively out of our signature showroom where you'll
 be spoilt for choice with a stunning set of designs and pieces.  Step inside an   We are a bunch of committed people exploring the endless possibilities in the
 entire world dedicated to the art of weddings.  creation of bespoke invitations while delivering beyond the expectations of our
 Not sure what colour scheme to go with?  Not sure what to fill your boxes with?
 You can rely on our wonderful staff to address your doubts and queries while   We believe every union is beautiful.  We believe in telling that story in the best
 guiding you through our exhaustive catalogue.  possible way.

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