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                      Anantmaya is built around weddings and every beautiful memory that comes
                      along. As a business, we create and design wedding memorabilia. Beyond that
                      simple fact, we're a collection of ideas. Bright, fierce, and cutting-edge. As a brand,
                      Anantmaya helps build tangible connections rooted in the traditions of belonging
                      and togetherness.  We've coupled that philosophy with a unique take on innova-
                      tion  and  aesthetics,  bringing  clients  an  exciting  array  of  exclusive  premium
                      invites, stationery & gifts.

                      At Anantmaya, we help design your wedding that would create a benchmark for
                      others  to  follow.    We  also  help  to  retrace  the  very  concept  and  essence  of

                      We  specialise  in  beautiful  designs  of  unrivalled  quality,  while  promising  quick
                      delivery turnarounds and honest, transparent operations.

                      Our operations are done exclusively out of our signature showroom where you'll
                      be spoilt for choice with a stunning set of designs and pieces.  Step inside an
                      entire world dedicated to the art of weddings.
                      Not sure what colour scheme to go with?  Not sure what to fill your boxes with?
                      You can rely on our wonderful staff to address your doubts and queries while
                      guiding you through our exhaustive catalogue.

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