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             Weddings are an important part of human life. There is no one place in the world where a wedding does
             not  happen.  Weddings  are  a  cause  for  celebrations.  And  thus,  the  wedding  invitation  becomes  an
             important element that not only seeks to welcome the guest but also defines the character and stature of
             the host.

             There are wedding cards of all shapes, colours and sizes, with variations in the build quality.  But, when any
             product is customised or tailored to suit the occasion, it becomes and expresses a character of its own.
             With this handbook, it is our endeavour to introduce you to not just the world of wedding invitations, but
             also to wedding stationeries & gifts, that include hampers, bags and gift ideas to make your best choices,
             for your unique occasion.

             The best choices are attained when we work on it diligently and exchange ideas, evaluate and rework on
             the product to hone it and perfect it. So, it becomes essential to explore  every element in detail be it
             invitations, covers, gift ideas, packaging or any other wedding product.

             This handbook provides you a bird's eye view of all these,
             Welcome aboard. Your creative & colourful journey begins here.

                                                                      FOUNDER - ANANTMAYA

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